TikTok is changing what it means to be a celebrity lookalike

The new massive trend on TikTok is a celebrity lookalike challenge, hashtag # celebritylookalike.

Users are posting their lookalike pictures on TikTok, and the hashtag has been hit by more than 690 million viewers.
But what is really behind these pictures?

You might have thought of it as a smart face recognition tool that finds you the closest match to a celebrity.
But in reality, the Celebrity Look-Alike filter won’t find your best celebrity match, instead you get to choose the celebrity you want or think you look alike.

This TikTok filter, called ShapeShifting, will asked to pick your favorite celebrity to be uploaded.

Then you have to take a video of yourself using your phone camera, and watch how you turn into a celeb in a few seconds!

Using the shapeshifting filter, you can pick any celebrity you want, but it’s best to choose a celebrity you resemble the most.

You can view all the post related to the hashtag by clicking on this link.

Here is the link to watch some of the most interesting videos posted by TikTok users:

@lifewitaceI see it now😂😭#fyp #foryoupage #brentfaiyaz #celebritylookalike #celebritylookalikechallenge♬ pour me up – niyaW

@hayleemichalskiI don’t see it 😕 #shapeshifter #celebritylookalike♬ Toxic – Britney Spears

@youngkaiju#stitch with @alisonarivera the Spirit of Jay Who is haunting me #fyp #celebritylookalike♬ original sound – Young Kaiju

But that’s not all. Some users are taking the challenge to the next level by comparing their own raw video with their look alike celebrity’s.

Here are some interesting ones:

@tristan_detwilerHow did it turn out? #ryangosling #celebritylookalike #lookalikechallenge #lookalike #celebrity #foryou #fyp♬ Midnight City – m83

@moritz_hauWho’s my Celebrity Lookalike?😜 #celebritylookalike #celebrityface #louispartridge #foryoupage #fyp #pourtoi #fürdichseite #tiktokchallenge #trends♬ motive x promiscuous – yea


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