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The most popular Shakira’s Tik Tok videos

Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, Colombian singer, and songwriter became doubly famous after her marriage to Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué Bernabéu, a big fan of Tik Tok Toe. The various challenges of Tik Tok Toe seem to be of great interest to this famous singer and dancer, and she often participates in these challenges by posting a video on her Tik Tok page.

Shakira sometimes shares videos with her two sons on her Tik Tok account. The famous singer has so far attracted about 17 million followers and more than 68 million likes.

Here are some of the most popular Tik Tok videos of Shakira’s Tik Tok account:

@shakiraToday’s pancake adventure! #HomeChef♬ original sound – Shakira

@shakiraHello my name is S… 🤣 #Lupas♬ original sound – 🦦🦦

@shakira#duet with @tiktokbrownchick Hello Shuba, can I take your order please? 🍕🤣♬ original sound – Shuba

@shakiraAnd now it’s your turn…. #DontWaitUp #DayToNight #DayNight♬ Don’t Wait Up – Shakira

@shakiraThe #DontWaitUp video was so much fun to shoot, dancing all night long! #DONTWAITUPCHALLENGE♬ original sound – Shakira

@shakira✨ Dance Midnight ✨ #TunelDelTiempo #shakiraperfumes

♬ original sound – Moonpie

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