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“Kenz Lawren” popular video in Tik Tok

The famous American actress and model Kenz Lawren has become a source of motivation for teenagers and young people who do not have enough confidence to enter the world of fashion with her no-makeup videos in Tik Tok.

The cosmetics model, who has been active in the Tik Tok platform since 2020, has repeatedly posted videos of her no-makeup face, stating that she intends to do this to ordinary people behind the scenes of the mod industry. Show fashion and modeling to know that models and actors also have normal faces without makeup.

Kenz Lawren’s videos have been viewed by millions so far. Contrary to many people’s opinions, he has received positive comments and feedback, and his followers have thanked her for making them feel good by showing the truth.

Watch some of the famous Kenz Lawren Tik Tok videos below and click here to download these and other Tik Tok videos.

@kenzlawren Answer @im_siowei Imagine 17.9 Million people watch you take off your makeup. Terrifying. But I don’t regret it one bit❤️ #beautystandards #mostviral ♬ original sound – Kenz Lawrén

@kenzlawren Storytime for those who are feeling a little insecure rn❤️ #beautystandards #storytime #nomakeup #modeltok ♬ Get You The Moon – Kina

@kenzlawren GET READY WITH ME💄 #HolidayEdition @anastasiabeverlyhills #abhpartner #modeltok #abhprimrose #getreadywithme #holidayglam ♬ original sound – Kenz Lawrén

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