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From introducing trending challenges to TikTok counter and TikTok Profile Compare, TikAndTok.net provides a variety of information and tools related to TikTok application.

TikTok is a social network based on videos in which users can share 15-second to three-minute videos mostly in genres like challenges, pranks, dance, jokes, stunts, tricks, and entertainment. With the coronavirus pandemic getting serious, TikTok became more and more popular among people and content creators, as it is now one of the top most popular and populated social networks and is about to take over leaders like Facebook and Instagram. With TikTok popularity boosting, many content creators were also attracted to this social network, emphasizing the need for analytics tools. Also, users will need tools to help them to enjoy the videos even more. Providing useful information and a variety of related tools is how TikAndTok.net has responded to this emergence. Below is a short introduction to what we serve:

TikTok follower counter and more

TikTok Counter, or more precisely called TikTok live follower counter, is a free tool with which you can find a TikTok profile’s exact number of followers in real time. Our TikTok live follower counter tool is also TikTok live post counter, TikTok live like counter, and TikTok live following counter, which means you can also find the live number of posts, likes, and followings of a TikTok profile by using it. So, the next time you wonder how your or someone else’s profile is growing, you can easily go to TikAndTok.net and choose “TikTok Counter” on the homepage. Also, taking a more curious look at the number of posts and likes you can get useful insights into the way a profile’s followers are reacting to its content. This data can lead you through creating content that is more popular among the type of users following you

TikTok profile comparison

To find out how two profiles are performing compared to each other, you can use TikTok Profile Compare, a tool that enables you to compare two TikTok profiles in terms of the exact number of followers, likes, and followings in real time. There is no limit, so you can compare any two TikTok profiles as many times as you want for totally free. To use this tool, you can easily go to TikAndTok.net and choose “TikTok Live Counter” on the homepage. Then enter the username of the two TikTok profiles you are willing to compare and hit the “compare” button and see the result.

TikTok video downloader without watermark

This tool enables you to download any TikTok video within only a few clicks. So, the next time you find a particular TikTok post interesting, feel free to use our free TikTok video downloader tool to download it without watermark. Now you can easily share TikTok videos anywhere you like or watch them while offline. Doing this is also easy, if you are using the app on your android or iOS device, click the “share” button on the right side of the screen and click the “copy link” icon. If you are using TikTok on a browser, this step is even easier: copy the page URL from your browser’s address bar. Then browse TikAndTok.net and choose “TikTok video Downloader” on the homepage. Then paste the video URL into the provided box and hit “download” and your video file is prepared within a moment. Use this tool as many times as you want and for as many TikTok posts as you want for totally free.

TikTok MP3 downloader

Most TikTok challenges are based on music and songs. There are times when you find the TikTok video’s music interesting or you need it to create a similar video to perform the challenge on your own. This is where TikAndTok.net free TikTok MP3 downloader tool comes in handy. Using this tool, you can download the music of any TikTok video in MP3 format easily and quickly through a few simple steps. First, copy the TikTok video URL. If you are using TikTok application on your android or iOS device, you can do this by clicking the “share” button on the right side of the screen and then clicking the “copy link” icon. For web users, this can be done by copying the page URL on the browser’s address bar. When you copied the video URL, go to TikAndTok.net and choose “TikTok MP3 downloader” from the homepage. Then paste the video URL into the provided box and hit the “download” button. Your MP3 file is prepared in less than a moment. Feel free to do this as many times as you want since there is no limit and this is totally free.

TikTok trends

We have also tried to inform you about what’s happening in the TikTok application through introducing TikTok trending challenges. In our blog, you can find an introduction and explanation of various TikTok challenges that have once been trending. Starting with an article, you might find yourself reading for hours. This may also help you come up with ideas about your next video on TikTok or even an idea about your own challenge. So, start reading now by going to TikAndTok.net and choosing the “blog” icon.

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